Countries, where the Customer is authorised to use the CleverEV services

Personal package: countries of European Union, Switzerland, Albania
Professional package: Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Albania, Malta, Indonesia

Authorised Payment Service Providers

Barion (
Stripe (

Authorised Property Management Systems and Infotainment Systems

Infostar by Eurodesign (

Pricing of the available Packages

The pricing of the packages can be changed at any time, with or without notice.

Packages Price EUR/charger/month
Personal 0 (free of charge)
Professional 10
Convenience fee per package Price (RSP) EUR/processed transaction
Personal N/A
Professional 0.30

Service Level Objectives

The default SLO level for any new charger is Bronze.
The Reseller or the End User can upgrade the SLO to a higher SLO level (Silver or Gold) - subject of availability and additional monthly fee per charger.

System availability is measured by the Company using an external tool, checking the availability of the Managed Cloud Platform every 30 seconds. The Platform is considered available if at least 8 of the last 10 measurements indicated operational status, from at least 3 of 4 monitoring regions.
The availability of the service at a specific charger is not a component of the service and is not included in the Service Level Objectives.

Support Tier Features

Features Bronze Silver Gold
Guaranteed Managed Cloud Platform availability, for a period of 1 calendar month. 99% 99.9% 99.999%
Credit multiplier and max credit in % of the monthly fees (i.1. 1% missed target leads to x% from the monthly fee credit) 0 2x, max 20% 10x, max 50%
Access to knowledge base, documentation and FAQs
Access to Trouble Ticket System
Response / Fix SLO Commitment (refer to response/fix tables)
Access to 24x7 Support Hotline Chat
Monthly fee for the Support Tier included in the normal monthly fee 10% of the monthly fee of all the chargers in the user account, min. 100 EUR/month 20% of the monthly fee of all the chargers in the user account, min. 200 EUR/month
Hourly fee for optional telephone support EUR 50 EUR 40 EUR 0
Support for Custom Integrations and Interfaces no Subj. to Quote Subj. to Quote

First Response & Fix Delivery Times

(Applicable to Silver & Gold Service Levels Only. Remark: “d” is working day)

Silver Gold
Severity of Reported Issue Response Fix Response Fix
1 – Critical 8 hr 1 wk 2 hr 2 d
2 - High 1 d 1 m 4 hr 1 wk
3 - Medium - - 1 d -
4 - Low - - 2 d -

Definitions of Severity

Regional Working Days and Hours

Working Days Monday-Friday
Working Hours 9AM-5PM CET
Holidays Hungary