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Charge Point Manufacturers

Attract the Installers and System Integrators to work with your products

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Extend the functionality through our intelligent service platform, which will add services to your devices. Reach even the home users with attractive application, optimised for in-house use.<br>Help the users to utilise their investment in charging infrastructure to provide services to other guests. Make your total package to be more attractive than the competition, adding revenue generating options for both the users and yourself.

The CleverEV System

Our charging solution is vendor-agnostic and can be integrated with all your in-house systems, making it easy to install and manage.

The CleverEV system uses RFID Authorization which provides easy management and clear overview of every aspect of the charging and billing process.

Our user-friendly platform makes sure every resident can charge their vehicle with ease.


Enable the System Integrators to easily add your devices to green field or brown field projects. Our platform will manage both existing legacy devices and the newly installed EV chargers through a single user interface and integration APIs.

Provide a solution to accept payments from guest using their chargers - without increased commission fees on top of the regular card acceptance fees. Revenue share schemes are available for the RGUs (revenue generating units).

Assist the owners and the drivers in planning their travel budget through an unified interface. Provide them with the features, which your competition doesn’t yet have - drive the users satisfaction and loyalty. Add new features regularly and build a community of your customers through our apps.

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Provide more than just a hardware - become the solution provider for EV drivers. Cost control, destination charging, revenue generation, automatic charging and invoicing for the services - these services will increase the value of your devices and will be a snow ball effect initiator for growing your business.

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