CleverEV for Offices

Bring more visitors to your campus. Provide charging facilities to more tenants and more guests users.

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The CleverEV solution allows you to mount charging stations to more parking spaces - without the need to increase the capacity of electricity, which you subscribe with your provider.<br>The guest of the campus will be able to charge even when there is a massive EV community arriving and everybody will have access to electricity. The charging model allow scheduling and prioritising of the charging process, while the guests are paying for the really consumed energy only.

The CleverEV System

Our charging solution is vendor-agnostic and can be integrated with all your in-house systems, making it easy to install and manage.

The CleverEV system uses RFID Authorization which provides easy management and clear overview of every aspect of the charging and billing process.

Our user-friendly platform makes sure every resident can charge their vehicle with ease.


Manage your chargers from one place - independent from the manufacturer and the brand. Get a consolidated view in one place from the management interface.

Accept payments with any major credit cards, directly to your bank account - without increased commission fees on top of the regular card acceptance fees.

Manage multiple tenants and easily split the charging fees between them at the end of the billing period. Authorise the charging with mobile phone apps or RFID cards.

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Maximise the revenue from your campus parking facility without limiting the number of charging stations by the total subscribed electricity capacity. Accept payment from regular and occasional guests - without the need to share your revenue with the operators of the platform. Automatically generate invoice for the charge and send it to the users.

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